The words ‘pure’ and ‘authentic’ together with ‘health’ and ‘happiness’ constitute the essence of the idea behind Kaldenbroeck. An idea brought forth by years of personal experience with Ayurveda: A pure and authentic lifestyle & health philosophy from India, slowly being discovered by the rest of the world.

Twenty years ago, Kaldenbroeck founder Marlies Stoot had her first experience with Ayurveda in India. At that time, her life partner Nol Peters suffered from a severe case of untreatable polyarthritis. Whilst traveling in India, Nol and Marlies met an Ayurvedic doctor by chance. This doctor, solely educated through knowledge passed down from generation to generation, gave Nol a single Ayurvedic massage with herbal oils, a prescription for herbal pills and dietary advice. Three months later he was completely cured from his polyarthritis. For them, this was the beginning of a long journey into the Ayurvedic tradition.When Nol suffered a series of hemorrhages in 2005, Ayurveda offered a treatment plan which gave the patient strength, energy and courage until the last end. This normally difficult path became easier to bear and, despite everything, humane.

The idea for Kaldenbroek originated from a deeply rooted desire to offer an alternative to people who aspire a healthier life or to provide support treatment for people currently in a difficult medical situation. An alternative that teaches one how to relax, something the patient and partner definitely will need. An alternative that helps you rethink the way we eat, as food is your most important source of energy. An alternative that, following the Ayurvedic tradition, offers utmost personal medical care and attention. An alternative that gives one perspective and reflect on the meaning of particular experiences. An Alternative that is also is a meeting point, where health and leisure go hand in hand.

When the choice for Ayurveda was made, it was immediately clear that if the interior and treatment materials should come from India, so should the doctors and therapists. In the end, India is the home of Ayurveda, where it has a thousand year old tradition and evolved into the modern health and lifestyle philosophy it is today. Through collaboration with Indian doctors (Professor Dr. Pranav Bhagwat and his wife Dr. Sneha Bhagwat) it is possible to receive all necessary Ayurvedic supplies directly from India. Similarly, our therapists and doctors come from India as well because of their innate desire to help and ensure the patient’s situation will be improved.You will feel and see the difference.