Ayurveda is a 5000 year old health philosophy originating from India. Currently, it is the only alternative form of medicine recognized by the World Health Organization.

The Ayurveda philosophy approaches health from a holistic perspective incorporating both mind and body. Ayurveda promotes longevity and it the event of illness, reduces symptoms and cures diseases. Ayurveda is authentic and pure. It has, just like KALDENBROECK, nature as its source and inspiration. Each human being is unique and Ayurveda therefore uses individual advice, insights and treatments. It was this humane vision and approach that deeply touched Marlies Stoot, founder of Huys Kaldenbroeck, during the long period of illness of her lifepartner Nol Peters. It is no wonder that Ayurveda means ‘the science of life’.

It offers numerous natural paths that aim to strengthen and relax both body and mind, whereby the power of our own thinking and our own physical energy are optimally supported.

All Ayurvedic treatments and consults at Huys Kaldenbroeck are 100% authentic.

ABHYANGAM (anti-stress / relax massage).

Wonderful relaxing ‘full body’ massage with a mix of medicinal, warm herbal oils. Stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic circulation. Helps to reduce stress, works detoxifying and vitalizes the whole body. An amazing treatment against a number of aches and pains. This treatment includes a medicinal steam bath. You will feel reborn!

Duration: 70 minutes.
€95,00 (including steam cabin)

SWEDANAM (steam cabin)

Ayurveda believes in the removal of “dosha’s” from the body. One of the techniques used here is a medicinal steam bath with powerful natural herbs. A Swedana completes an Abhyangam treatment since it enables the herbal oils to work deeper into the body and cause the purification procedure to be more effective. Furthermore, the delightful steam has a relaxing effect on body & mind and is also helpful with pain relief and weight loss. Duration: 15 minutes €25,00

SHIRODHARA (against mental stress and migraines/headaches)

This remarkable therapy works on the deepest levels of one’s ‘being’. Whilst you are lying down in a completely relaxed state of being, warm medicinal herbal oil will slowly but constantly be poured on your forehead. The purpose of this: to rejuvenate the energy systems of your body. This treatment helps to improve the blood circulation which in turn increases the absorption of oxygen and nutrients throughout body tissues. A Shirodhara treatment works very relaxing and is effective against stress, sleeplessness, headaches, depressions, high blood pressure, fatigue and memory problems.
Duration: 60 – 70 minutes.

HOT HERBAL POULTICE MASSAGE (stamp massage for, amongst others, muscle- and joint aches or arthritis)

This age-old treatment includes a massage with warm stamp-compresses, filled with healing herbs and spices from Asia. Warm oil will be poured dropwise over your body whilst the compresses slowly, in rhythmic movements, massage your body. The aromatic oils and the massage have a rejuvenating, refreshing and utmost relaxing effect.
Duration: 60 to 70 minutes.

PIZHICHIL (oilbath for the treatment of muscle- and joint aches)

Treatment to detoxify the body. With this treatment, warm oil will be constantly poured on your body in a set pattern. Pizhichil is very effective against muscle and joint aches and healing the body after a period of illness. This treatment aims to increase overall health, physical and mental strength, slow down the aging process, stimulate one’s metabolism and prevent the onset arthritis.
Duration: 120 minutes

UDWARTANAM (weight loss, cellulitis, reduce water retention)

This massage is carried out by a using a warm Ayurvedic herbal powder. Udwartanam supports weight loss and prevents cellulitis and excess water retention by increasing lymphatic circulation. During this unique massage, the whole body will be covered with warm, medicinal oil after which you will be carefully massaged with a mix of herbal powders. This massage gets rid of blockages in the body and activates the lymphatic system. The massage is followed by an herbal steam treatment, which opens the body channels further, making the purification process more efficient.
Duration: 60 minutes. With steam treatment: 70 minutes
€105,00 (including Steam Cabin)


Relax. Listen to the beautiful music and enjoy a relaxing feet massage with healing ointments. Ancient techniques are applied by stimulating specific pressure points which has a soothing and relaxing effect on your whole body.


An intense massage with warm herbal oil and herbal stamps. This massage works extremely well against painful tensions caused by stress.
Duration: 45 minutes.

NASYAM (nasal passages)

Nasal passages treatment executed by carefully inserting drops of herbal oil. This is followed by a herbal massage and herbal steam bath for the head and neck. Effective against sinusitis and hair loss.
Duration: 30 minutes.


1-2-3 Weeks Accomodation at Huys Kaldenbroeck
1 Week: Based On Single Occupancy: From €1875,00 Per Person
1 Week: Based On Double Occupancy: From €1635,00 Per Person
1 Week: Without Accommodation: €1275,00

Per Person these prices include daily yoga practice, complete Ayurvedic meals, daily consult by Ayurvedic doctors and daily massages and herbal treatments dependent on the doctor’s recommended treatments.The treatment will be supervised daily by an Ayurvedic doctor.All prices are including tax.


It is not necessary to bring anything. Everything needed for the treatments is right here. It is recommended, however, to wear comfortable, old clothing. It is important to give the oil maximum opportunity to be well absorbed by your body. One should wait at least two hours before taking a shower.