Kaldenbroeck (1394AD) is a unique historical site, located in the midst of a tranquil, protected nature reserve. The tree, symbolizing strength and life, plays an important role at Kaldenbroeck, with its roots deep in the earth, protective and at the same time reaching for something higher… A beacon of peace and inspiration! Huys Kaldenbroeck is located close to Lottum, village of roses, in the South East of The Netherlands.

The monumental castle, mostly in original condition, is now a charming guest house with 5 beautiful rooms. In the old sheepfold, an Ayurvedic center is located, where next to several Ayurvedic therapies, massages, skin care and yoga, many other activities are possible including: seminars, exhibitions, music, creative brainstorming sessions, meetings, trainings or events. The attractive fold is a multipurpose room with exposed beams and high ceilings. The bright space is inspiring and radiates peace and reflection. At the back of the sheepfold, right on the meadow, there is a “healthy” and delicious tea terrace with a large organic vegetable and herb garden. The terrace is open to all guests of Huys Kaldenbroeck and also to any hiker or cyclist who passes by and just wants to enjoy this unique place ….