Ayurveda is a 5000 year old health philosophy originating from India. Currently, it is the only alternative form of medicine recognized by the World Health Organization.

The Ayurveda philosophy approaches health from a holistic perspective incorporating both mind and body. Ayurveda promotes longevity and it the event of illness, reduces symptoms and cures diseases. Ayurveda is authentic and pure. It has, just like KALDENBROECK, nature as its source and inspiration. Each human being is unique and Ayurveda therefore uses individual advice, insights and treatments. It was this humane vision and approach that deeply touched Marlies Stoot, founder of Huys Kaldenbroeck, during the long period of illness of her lifepartner Nol Peters. It is no wonder that Ayurveda means ‘the science of life’.

It offers numerous natural paths that aim to strengthen and relax both body and mind, whereby the power of our own thinking and our own physical energy are optimally supported.

All Ayurvedic treatments and consults at Huys Kaldenbroeck are 100% authentic.